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Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500
Róbot ryksuga - XR500

Róbot ryksuga - XR500

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Rafhlaða 3000mAh

Vinnutími 150 mín

Rykbox 0,6L

Hávaði 45db


The Liectroux XR500 is a multi-map, LDS Laser and SLAM Cleaning Robot. A truly advanced robot.

The free downloadable app is really easy to use. The robot will scan your home, display it on your phone and give you a host of features to put you in control.

Distinguishing features:

  • Stores up to 5 map versions. You can now use it on multiple floor levels
  • Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Lidar + SLAM Dual Location for high efficiency planning and routing
  • Real-Time Object Detection. Scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans
  • Easy control via either Wifi APP, IR remote or onboard buttons
  • Smart Electronic-Controlled 350ml Water Tank to ensure a perfect spread
  • Hand Drawn Virtual Walls, Zones and Zone Splitting.


  • Hand Drawn Virtual Walls, Zones and Zone Splitting.
  • Pin and Go function
  • Breakpoint Continuous Cleaning
  • Super strong adjustable suction >3000Pa using a NIDEC Brushless Fan
  • 600ml dustbin
  • Multi-sensor design of anti-fall, anti- winding, anti-collision sensing
  • Voice Guidance
  • Double Filtration (Primary and HEPA);
  • Super powerful Epson Chip for fast computing and response

The XR500 can handle multiple levels or floor in your home.

For example: If your robot has mapped your ground floor and you move it to the first floor, it will normally need to re-map. This robot will upload separate maps to your phone, ready to load, depending on where you want it to work.

The robot is able to make decisions and simply go about it's work when you ask it to.

If you choose, you can also take control of the cleaning plan. Identify rooms or areas and decide on how you want them cleaned. For example, you can select one of the six modes, including the vacuum strength, for each area. The ZXR500 will then decide on a strategy and get to work.

Pin point a spot on the map of your house and your robot will come and clean it automatically and return to charge.

Control, on a different level!

Using only 28watts, the XR500 manages on average 2 hours of cleaning. This also means less charging time, less weight, less waste.

Even the mop is designed to apply even pressure to the floor. This ensure an even and effective floor swipe. 

The controlled water dispensing from the 350ml tank is adjustable. You can decide how much water to apply, when you like.

Deals with various floor or surface types like wooden floors, ceramic tiles (with gaps), carpeting and marble.

Floor: Strong suction power enables dirt suction from crevasses and gaps

Carpet: Suitable for carpets with a fiber length of 1cm.